#FASTEN Dustox Amigurumi Pattern

 Hi everyone! The wait is finally over!! I am happy to share my latest pattern with you guys for one of the coolest Bug-type Pokemon around: Dustox! I made Dustox as a way to celebrate my 1000 followers on Instagram (if you're not yet following me, check out my feed here and give me a follow ^___^)! He's also up for grabs as part of my Giveaway (ending October 4th, 2020). 

Designing Dustox was lots of fun and it posed a good set of challenges for me! The wings were really fun to put together. I drew out stencils for the wings to help me plan out the shape and size of the wings. After each row or two, I placed the wings on top of the stencils. I would continue patterning and write down my stitches if I my wings matched the stencil, or frog my work if it didn't! 

Stencils work really well for patterning irregular shapes... that is, when the stencil is actually the correct shape and size you want! 😆 After following the stencils I drew to a T, I decided that the Dustox needed bigger wings in the end. So in true frog&fasten fashion, I frogged it all and started from scratch. On the left, you can see how much larger the wings ended up being for Dustox's final design!! What do you guys think? Did I make the right call?

Alright, that's enough chitchat, it's time to get to the good part: the pattern!! Have fun with this pattern and please share pictures of your #wip or your finished projects with me on Instagram! I love love love seeing and sharing your awesome work.

Click here to download the pattern for free!

I love creating and sharing patterns for you guys and I strive to keep them free. If you really enjoy my work and wish to support me, please consider supporting me on ko-fi. :) I am going to be moving into a new apartment soon, which means I will be setting up a brand new crafting space! Your support would help me so much in putting together my dream space.

Take care and stay safe y'all,



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